We are a non-profit organisation. The house is run by donations and startup membership fees. We believe that Mustakarhu’s operations are the most concrete way of helping startups succeed in

international markets. All the donated funds are dedicated to run the house as effectively as possible and to lower the membership fees of startups as well as improving the facilities of the house. On the operational side, no one will take wages or any kind of compensation of the donated or paid funds. Any kind of help, be it tangible or intangible, is welcomed and will be used to benefit the house.

All benefactors will be listed on the DONATIONS site with a personal acknowledgements and will be visible in the Mustakarhu house in form of a book. If given permission, benefactors will be personally acknowledged in social media by Mustakarhu house and associates.

Mustakarhu house bank account number: FI79 5741 4020 0813 24 Name: Mustakarhu ry
Please provide message: “Donation by (insert your name here)”

Thank you on behalf of all of us entrepreneurs at Mustakarhu